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Abby's Adventures in Africa

Hello from Cape Town!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I am so sorry that I haven't posted. I was without Internet connection for the first 2 days because of traveling and then last night I had a great post filled with videos and pictures and then I was told my Internet connection was not strong enough. Bummer!

Well, traveling for 48 hours straight was really, really interesting. I think the longest flight I have ever been on was like 4 hours (maybe 5). So two whole days was a huge shock! It was such a fun experience though. The first night (9 1/2 hour flight from DFW to Germany) I slept alright. I got to watch 3 movies which was fun! The second night (12 hour flight from Germany to Johannesburg) I literally fell asleep on the plane before it even took off. It was great!

Our day in Germany was awesome. I love it there! Everyone can pronounce my last name! That just made me laugh. It was such a shock when the guy at customs read it perfectly the first time.

Cape Town is lovely. It has rained almost constantly since we got here yesterday which I actually love. I really enjoy rain so this has been alright by me! However, today we all got SCUBA certified in an outdoor pool in 58 degree rainy weather! It was so exciting though. We had to go in groups of 5 and I actually ended up going twice. Our camera guy had to get trained too so he can film us when we go diving, so he went with the last group. I got to fill in and did the underwater filming for the last group.

I am totally exhausted from the last couple of days. I really hope to be able to share some pictures soon! I have got some great ones! I am currently trying to upload my overview video from yesterday onto my YouTube account. It is going unbelievably slowly so I am not sure that it will make it! If it does, I will let you all know. Thanks!

I promise that future posts will be shorter. They wont be covering as many days! I should be updating at about this time everyday for the rest of the trip.

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kbam said...

I want to see pictures!! So you are certified to scuba dive? Why does this amuse me?

Abby Gentsch said...

I know! I am trying. I bought the internet card by the way. And I have officially used up all of my minutes trying to upload pics.
Yes, I am. I know, I know! Maybe because I am scared of fish? Much less sharks? We will have to see how it goes...

Cathy said...

Hi, Abby! So happy that you arrived safely. I know that your mom is relieved.

We, your second family, are SO proud of you!

I came across this on a blog and thought you might have fun watching it if you needed to veg.

Cathy (proud mom of Cloe is a NEW PERSON now that exams are over!!!)

rickandsusan said...


rickandsusan said...

OK I think we posted the following on the wrong thread..

Abby, live from the bay on South Padre Island, Molo! Unjani?
Aunt SueSue and Uncle Rick are resting up from resting up after a long day of SPI. Aunt Sue says "OMG Abby's trip is off the chain!" Uncle Rick says the trip is 2g2bt." Both are trying to find Africa on the map. Rick thinks it is near Houston, Susan says "LOL, everyone knows it is in the west Texas, what part of "Cape Town won the six man football state championship" do you not understand. We know Texas is a big place and you are a loooong way off, but at least we can find comfort in the fact that you will fall asleep with one eye on the Texas Flag just before you dream of new adventures in the unexplored parts of our great state, like the TableCloth, that you will find upon waking in the morning.

Remember.. The Eyes of Texas are Upon you... Have fun, but don't Jol like is 1999....

Anonymous said...

Abby...I'm trying to think of how I would have packed lightly for such an adventure! I have no idea what time it is where you are but I can bet whatever you are doing...sleeping, taking pictures, sightseeing, making new friends, you are having fun at it. I had to get Paige up to take the SAT this morning so it was kinda like sneaking up on a wild animal! It sounds like you are making so many memories. Stay safe and continue to have the time of your life! Love, Ms. Angela

Abby Gentsch said...

Thanks to the Mathia family. I love you all!
Mrs. Mathia: I am totally planning on doing that next year, actually. I wish I could have done it this year. :( Cloe HAS to do it with me. Make sure she is on board. That is your job now! Thanks for reading!

Rick and Susan: ...i have no words. Although I did actually laugh out loud at the thought of Susan saying "off the chain." Love you guys!

Mrs. Schmidt: I love you! Trust me, packing wasn't easy. And I want you to know that I saw an ostrich today and immediately thought of you. :) I will never forget your bird call!

Cathy said...

Abby, I Cloe won't do it, I WILL!

Cathy said...


peggy.deaton4 said...

If first you don't---try, try again--like all day. If I hurry I will make it before midnight. The first comment I tried is floating out there somewhere in space. I can tell you are having a good time by your beautiful smile. I especially liked the rainbow and the penguin. I love you, be safe, and I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all about it. .

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