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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey everyone!

Well we have had a very eventful last couple of days! Even though I am doing it all at once, I am going to make two separate posts for each day. We can just pretend I am posting it on the actual day. Here we go…

So “today” we went…shark diving! For anyone who knows me, has met me, or has probably even just read this blog, understands that Abby Gentsch is not exactly synonymous with shark diver (to say the least). I got lots of interesting messages from my friends such as, “hell just froze over.” Thanks, Anissa! Anyway, this is all to say that this was quite the big leap for me.

Even though I would go underwater for seconds at a time and then pop back up again and make a pathetic yelping noise, I really did enjoy it. I am not sure I would do it again (been there, done that) but I am glad that I have done it. It is a great story to tell! But poor Stephanie and several others got quite sea sick. It was a pretty rocky ride. I did, however, get some excellent pictures!

Cute outfit, no?

I am the one gripping onto the top bars for dear life. (Third from the top)

I am telling you, it is beautiful in Cape Town!

We then went to a wonderful dinner where we had some extraordinary pre-meal entertainment; we all learned how to do African drumming. Coolest experience ever! This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Then we came back to our hotel, gathered our things for the morning, and crashed. I was totally exhausted (as I have been every night!). This trip just really is the experience of a lifetime. I can’t even express it.

Well…until “tomorrow.”

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kbam said...

Don't leave me hanging. More, more! I like the pictres!

Cathy said...

LOVE the outfit and LOVE your happy smile!

Brenda Muench said...

I really joy the composition of the black and white sunset/sunrise. It looks so peaceful, which is an interesting juxtaposition with the exciting content of this particular blog entry. I can't wait to hear and see more!

Susan said...

I have enjoyed your blogs, particularly the photos.
My daughter, Jennifer Jensen, just returned from DSA Australia. Now I will have more time to follow those of you in South Africa.
Sounds like you are taking it all in and making the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Katie Martin said...

Omg this looks sooo incredible, South Africa looks amazing and you look like your really drinking it in:) keep up the blogs i love them!! makes me even more excited for my trip

Glenda Jenkins said...

I'm so jeaulous...but glad all of you are getting the chance to see and experience this.

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