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Penguins and more

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today was possibly one of the most fun days I have experienced on this trip.

First we went to Cape Point. Let me tell you, I got some GREAT stuff there! I am just so excited about it!

Then we went to one of my absolute favorite activities so far: we saw the penguins! I love penguins. I just think they are so cute! My mom said that I could just go to NorthPark in December instead of Africa to see penguins, but seriously, so not the same thing. This was awesome. I even got to hold one!

Then we got on the plane to leave Cape Town. I was so sad to leave. Everything about Cape Town is gorgeous. I couldn’t get enough. I urge you to go and visit (and take me with you!) if you ever have the chance. I literally took 2,000 pictures while we were there and I really got some great ones. Here are some from the township on our first day.


kbam said...

I can't wait to see all 2,000 pictures!!

kbam said...

Nice camera!

Cathy said...

Ok. I have never held a penguin. What did it feel like? Did it make any noises?

Again, LOVE seeing you so happy!

Kara Durbin said...

Wahoo! I just figured out how to comment (but I've been following all along)!
LOVE the penguin picture! I want to hear all about it...more penguin details please! Oh, and by the way...they don't have penguins at North Park at Christmas anymore. Don't worry...I've already called and complained about it.
What a photographer you are! Great pics!

Glenda Jenkins said...

You are very talented with the camera,and your story telling!

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