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Leaving tomorrow! (Junior year is OVER)

Monday, June 1, 2009

But clearly I am not excited or anything....

I really just can't wait. I have SO much to do between now and then. It has been really difficult getting ready for the trip because I just got out of school today. Bishop Lynch actually isn't out until this Thursday, but I took all of my finals a week early. So when everyone else was taking their first finals today, I was taking my last two. It has been insanely busy and so hectic, but it is totally worth it! I just can't wait until we get on that plane so I can finally get some sleep!

currently listening to: beautiful life by fisher


michelecollum said...

I will be stalking your blog every day to read how your tirp is going. You have me all excited too! Have a great adventure!
Coach Longoria

kbam said...

You should be headed to Germany now. I am anxious to hear about your safe arrival.

kbam said...

Your mother wants you to blog.

Daniel Olson said...

I cant wait for my junior year to be over too! Only one more week of school left! (going to china with DSA)

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